Versatile Light Studios is the studio name of Scholastic Experience Imaging, inc. created by photographers Shawn and Jenifer Clark.

Recent Events:

2011, May 20th – Shawn defends his thesis and earns his Master’s of Fine Arts, specializing in Photography

The Timeline:

1996, Spring – Shawn completes his first professional photo assignment: conducting photo surveillance of police officers during a street fair.

1999, Fall – Jenifer takes her 1st photo class, using her mother’s old Minolta XE-7 SLR camera.  Later she begins attending Barry University in Miami, FL.

2000, Fall – Shawn moves from Colorado to Florida to pursue a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts specializing in Forensic Photography. Shawn and Jen meet.

2001, Fall – The journey really begins.

One weekend, they’re working in the photo lab. Being the only ones in there, they have the music playing loud. Jen notices Shawn has a Better Than Ezra CD in his collection. Excited that he likes them too (and that he has a good taste in music), she asks him if he wants to see them in concert with her.

2001, October 19th – Jenifer joins Shawn for dinner before they attended the Better Than Ezra concert. Considering himself a more than adequate cook, Shawn prepared breaded chicken breasts with jalapeños, onions, and rice. To this day, he doesn’t remember why he put so many fresh jalapeños into the pan with the chicken. Whether it was an accident or some desire to give them something to laugh about for the next 8 years and counting has rightly been lost to the annuals of time. What is most memorable about that night is that the shared experience of a smoky kitchen, crying while he cooked and sweating while they ate, cemented their friendship.

2002, Summer – They, along with 10 other classmates and photo professor, do an intensive month-long study abroad in Paris, France. There was one day where they went on a shooting walk together. Jen knew Shawn was all about walking, but didn’t really know exactly how hardcore he was. From their hotel on 148 Avenue Ledru-Rollin all the way to Montmartre is a direct walk of about 3.5-4 miles, which was nothing to Shawn but much farther then Jen was prepared for! They did a lot of zig-zagging so in actuality it probably more like 5 miles. Little did she know this was just a preview of what was to come 6 years down the road.

2003, Spring – They graduate from Barry, both with BFAs in Photography. Thanks to their last names beginning with “C” and “D”, they are seated next to each other, which makes the boring ceremony more fun.

2004-2008 – Shawn moves to Alaska; and then to San Francisco.   Jen remains in Miami this whole time. They’re constantly in touch. Even though there are just a few visits in between, they’re always talking to each other. If they weren’t chatting on IM, they were texting each other – pretty much every day.

2008, Spring – Shawn flies to Miami to visit Jen and assist her with a big photo shoot. At the airport to fly home, while waiting in line at Starbucks, Shawn puts his arm around Jen and she puts her head into his shoulder. Shawn thinks, “Wow. This feels really good!” He smiles all the way back to San Francisco.

2008, June 14th – During a conversation over text message (while at their friend Louie’s birthday party), the idea is hatched to meet in Boston in the fall.

2008, Summer – Shawn confesses to almost asking Jen on a date in 2001 but didn’t because Jen had a date that night with someone else.

2008, October 29th – They meet in Boston. After 5 past months of flirting, that line between friendship & relationship gets crossed. To this day they still argue about who kissed who first at the airport.

2008, October 31st – Obi-wan Kenobi and a Jedi Pad-wan party in Salem, wondering if a witch should marry them.

2009, January 4th – Sealing it with a kiss, Jen and Shawn officially begin dating, spending several days in Key West.

2009, June 29th – Shawn asks Jenifer to marry him, online, via webcam. Totally surprising her with a photo of the ring she had her eyes on.

2009, August 8th – Because he loves her THAT much, Shawn proposes again, this time in person, in front of the Golden Gate bridge.

2009, August 10th – doing it European style, Jenifer gives Shawn an engagement ring too.

2010, October 10th – Finally married! And after 10 years of knowing each other; who knows why they didn’t see it sooner!



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