Happy Halloween!

We, at Versatile Light Studio, wish you a very happy Halloween!
Whether you’re dressing up and going out, taking the kids trick or treating, or staying in and watching horror movies, be sure to have a scary good time!

Halloween is a bit of a special holiday for us. Not only have we always enjoyed Halloween, especially myself (Jen); but it is when Shawn and I met up in Boston, MA. in 2008, and spent Halloween in Salem; and it is when cupid – dressed up in a witch costume – shot us both with an arrow and we decided we should be dating! We seriously considered finding a witch to marry us that night.  And actually we did meet 2 Wiccans that night in Salem! They just didn’t have the power to marry 😉  So, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays for obvious reasons, and to make the month of October even better, we got married in that month – on 10.10.10

And finally we’ll leave you with something randomly neat: Spooky Wikipedia entries to read in the dark! [via The Hairpin]

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