A little bit of messin’

Whenever Jenifer and I shoot a subject for the second time (or more)  we always try to do something different. With our school clients, its sometimes difficult to do so because they have specific requirements for their images and need the consistency of light on the subject. We can usually change the background which is fine for the subject but for  shooting and editing it can get old fast. So we try to do something for us during the limited time we have (usually about 15-30 seconds) with each subject. One tactic is to give the subject a few seconds to be goofy or funny for 1 or 2 quick shots. For those who take advantage, it can be fun for them as much as us. However, anyone who has shot male high school varsity sports team knows that 95% of the time you’re going to get a game face – not a funny face – especially if your shoot is 60 minutes prior to a game. To compensate for this, I decided to add a remote camera sync’d with my strobes through a pocket wizard…

More to come…

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