Joe McNally at the Miami Beach Convention Center

A few days ago, Jenifer and I attended the Joe McNally workshop, 1-light, 2-light at the Miami Beach Convention center with about 400 other attendees. The workshop is one of many that come to the area through Kelby Training. As usual – well, wait… usually they are very good seminars. This one far exceeded my expectations and was the best seminar by the Kelby group I have attended (we have attended about 5 in the last two years I think). There are three things that made this seminar so good. First, Joe McNally was the instructor. I have been following McNally for at least a couple of years now through, his blog and his books (the forth of which is coming out soon). His ability to combine humor with technical knowhow and a plethora of experience – whether its in a book, blog, video or in person – is remarkable. One of the highlights of the seminar for me was to be able to tell him I appreciate those qualities of his work as he signed one of his books for me. The greatest experience of the seminar was when he said he “needed a subject on the stage. With a beard. A red one.” I was very happy to help and I got a great headshot out of it which still makes me smile.

iPhone shot of me on stage with Joe McNally

iPhone shot of me on stage with Joe McNally. Taken with my phone by my wife.

Headshot by Joe McNally on stage

Headshot by Joe McNally on stage during his 1-light, 2-light seminar in Miami Beach on August 20, 2012

The third thing that made it such a memorable experience for me was Joe’s assistents, Drew and Cali. Not only did they do an amazing job of bringing Joe back to the track of the day – he sometimes gets a bit sidetracked with questions and shooting which is pretty awesome – but they also brought a great sideshow to the day by feeding Joe’s humor. I can’t count how many times I was laughing with them. Jenifer and I were sitting in the front row on their side of the stage, so I got to see their reactions and read their lips a bit. Hilarious!

Obviously, I highly recommend the seminar, his books and the series of seminars he has done (and continues to produce new ones). In fact, Drew was telling me that yesterday (the day after the seminar) was spent filming a new video in Tampa for

His books can be found on Amazon:

The Moment It Clicks: Photography Secrets from One of the World’s Top Shooters

The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes

Be sure to catch the tour if you get the opportunity.

More to come…

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