Macro Photography at the Weeks Library

Shawn and I had quite a productive weekend of shooting. We had Session #2 of a two-session publicity shot for UM’s Frost School of Music and then the next day we spent the nearly the entire day experimenting and having fun with Canon’s 90mm Tilt-Shift lens (more on that one later).  After the UM/FSoM shoot, I walked around the Weeks Library of Music with one our macro lenses. Below are some of the images if you’d like to see…

Bach Books

Happiness is… Music & You

Stanford Song

Stanford Song – love this font. Very Art Nouveau-like.

We also lucked out since it was a Saturday, and summer time – the library was totally empty! We figured it was a perfect opportunity to get a photo of the library with no people in the way. The turn out was this photo:

Weeks Library @ FSoM

The secret to getting the lighting to show up in the dark parts was this method:

Flash Stand

Jen’s new kind of flash stand

I have to say he is a pretty great flash stand, he does whatever I tell him to, no need to walk on over and position the flash where you need – just needs verbal commands!  Plus he is nice to look at! 🙂

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