The 2-session publicity shot



Sometimes scheduling can be a nightmare when your trying to match the schedules of two very, very busy professionals; especially those that are the elite of their fields. This shot was just such an occasion. We had to do this composite as two different sessions and then photoshop the image together.

One of the issues we faced was the color temperature of the ambient light. One session was at noon, which resulted in an ambient light of approximately the same as the lights we used. The second shot was done at 8am. Which is a much warmer light. As a nice touch to really throw a monkey in the wrench is that the windows behind the subject were heavily green-tinted. As such, we decided that the differences were to great to try and gel the lights to match, so we opted to do color correcting in Photoshop through the use of some masking since we knew we would be spending so much time in PS anyway.

While this is far from my ideal workflow, for the client, the final results justified the means and for us as a service provider that is what matters most!

more to come..

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