Breakthrough Miami Football Clinic at MCDS






This past Saturday, Breakthrough Miami held a football camp at Miami Country Day School. Open to children 8-18, the camp was lead by former Miami Dolphin and MCDS coach, Sean Hill and Breakthrough Miami site director for Miami Country Day School and the Cushman School, MCDS coach Jamael Stewart.

“The mission of Breakthrough Miami is to inspire and encourage talented, motivated middle school students to enter and thrive in top college preparatory high school programs and graduate from college. The program is equally focused on promoting careers in education for the outstanding high school and college students who teach, tutor, and mentor in Breakthrough Miami’s summer institute and school year program.” (from their website,

Even given the terrible heat of July in Miami, everyone involved seem to have a great time.

more to come….

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2 Responses to Breakthrough Miami Football Clinic at MCDS

  1. Great pictures! The kids had a wonderful time and learned some incredible football skills. Sean Hill-you rock!

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