White House Custom Color Lab

Professional photographers can be a finicky bunch when it comes to talking about their business practices. Everyone seems fine to talk about the gear they use – cameras, computers, and software are always tops of the list – but rarely will most photographers talk about their other business practices, such as what vendors they use, how they price their products, and where they turn to for advice.

I have often spoke of our vendors, both the good and the bad and today, I am happy to talk about one of the best: White House Custom Color

We have been customers of WHCC for about 2 1/2 years or so. During that time, we have never had a problem with their customer service or their products. (I was hesitant to use them at first because of their use of the Rowe’s ordering system which is a java based program that I have had very bad experiences with at other vendors.) In fact, I used them to produce the (18)-20×20, styrene mounted, metallic-paper images for my thesis last May. These were very difficult images to print due to their extreme colors. Each and every print was perfect! Color, mounting, and print quality were outstanding. We have one client that orders 24×30 styrene mounted posters from us every May (usually 3-5) for an awards ceremony. I would not think of going anywhere else for these prints as the client has commented on the quality of the product several times. Which brings me to the instigation of the post.

Yesterday, this client called us at 3pm EST and asked for one more poster to be produced. The ceremony was less than 48 hours away. I called WHCC before the order was placed and asked if they could still produce it and ship it in time. The CSR checked the production times and said they could do it by the next morning and ship it overnight guaranteed delivery by noon the day of the ceremony. Turns out, the ceremony is at 11:45. After the order was placed, I again called WHCC to make sure the order was received and still on track. The CSR put me on hold for no more than 15 seconds and stated that the order would ship THE SAME DAY and be delivered at least 24 hours before needed. I just checked the tracking and the shipment has been delivered (9:24am).

Customer service is the only way a photographer can truly separate themselves in this digital world. When a vendor makes it this easy to look this good (of course we played our part by producing the print file in less then 30 min!), it allows us to stand apart from our competition.

Thank you, White House Custom Color!


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