The Computer History Museum Fellow Awards 2012

For the past 5 years, I have looked forward to being the photographer for the Computer History Museum’s annual Fellow Awards. This year was none other than exceptional!

The honorees for the 25th anniversary of the CHM Fellow Awards were:(

These four pioneers join a very distinguished group of Fellows, including :

  • Francis Allen, 2000, For her contributions to program optimization and compiling for parallel computers
  • Dr Gordon Bell, 2003, For his key role in the minicomputer revolution, and for contributions as a computer architect and entrepreneur
  • Vinton Cerf, 2000, For his contributions to computer architecture, operating systems, and software engineering
  • Whitfield Diffie, 2011, Whitfield Diffie, Martin Hellman, and Ralph Merkle for their work on public key cryptography

and of course,

Douglas Englebart, 2005, For advancing the study of human-computer interaction, developing the mouse input device, and for the application of computers to improving organizational efficiency,

Donald Knuth, 1998, For his fundamental early work in the history of computing algorithms, development of the TeX typesetting language, and for major contributions to mathematics and computer science,


Dr. Gordon Moore, 1998, For his fundamental early work in the design and production of semiconductor devices, co-founder Fairchild and Intel.

I have had the absolute joy of photographing Dr. Moore, Mr. Englebart, and Mr. Knuth many times over the last five.

(more information can be found on the CHM website about all of the Fellows,

Congratulations to this years honorees! Below is a quick slideshow of the evening, with more images on our website at


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