Light it. Shoot it. Retouch it. LIVE! With Scott Kelby

Yesterday Shawn and I attended the Light it. Shoot it. Retouch it. LIVE! With Scott Kelby seminar at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  In one word it was: Awesome!  We both really enjoyed it.  It was a lot of very useful information – with both shooting and retouching.  As a NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) member, I have been to several seminars given by NAPP,  but not one given by Kelby Training.  Plus, it had been a long time since I have attended such a seminar.  We are both VERY glad we went! Scott Kelby is a great speaker. Very laid back, really nice guy. Very approachable. He stuck around during the intermissions and took a shorter lunch break just to be able to answer our questions in between the sessions.  Shawn watches his training videos online and always finds them to be very helpful and informative.   The seminar also provided a booklet that basically covers the entire seminar so that we could just sit back and really pay attention instead of scrambling to take notes.

I also purchased a book there: Photoshop Compositing Secrets by Matt Kloskowski   – very eager to try it out. I skimmed a few of the tutorials and found a few to be quite interesting looking, especially for some of the sports photography portraits we will be doing in the future.  Hopefully I will be getting some composites up on here soon! 🙂

OnOne Software was there as well and did a brief presentation in between about their latest software PhotoTools 2. We were both very impressed with OnOne’s Masking feature!

Another good thing about this whole seminar was the unexpected surprise of them providing sign language interpreters.  Actually I don’t use ASL nor am I fluent in it.  I did take one class back in the day (2002)  and so my skills are pretty rusty! Despite this, I was actually able to follow along surprisingly well. (I remember more of the signs when I am watching it, not when I am trying to actually sign myself!) Between the signing, the interpreter mouthing the words (yay for my excellent lip-reading skills!) , the jumbo screen, and being able to sit in the front row, I was able to follow along quite well.  And if there is something I missed, no fear, because I have that booklet that basically repeats what was taught. 🙂   Shawn also went up and asked Scott Kelby a question – he asked if there was a possibility of the Kelby Training videos and/or Photoshop TV being closed captioned anytime in the future. I am happy to say that Scott replied with a “Yes.”  Can’t wait until then!  Thank you NAPP & Kelby Training for working on this feature! It means a lot!  With this added to it, I could take full advantage of my NAPP membership.

Now, Shawn and I just need to practice what we learned. 🙂

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