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Quote of the week…

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Some of today’s pre-portfolio results

Jenifer and I decided to take some time today off from the bookkeeping and marketing design spend some time working on some new portfolio pieces. I am pretty excited about what we have so far and even though these are … Continue reading

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Food photography

The result from the weekend’s food photography experimentation  

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RAW vs. JPG (Part 1 of 3)

Today, I’d like to discuss the difference between JPEG and RAW formats to hopefully shed some light and clear up some misconceptions about the topic. Seems like everyone has their own strong opinion about this subject – including myself.   I’d like … Continue reading

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Thesis images and Artist Statement

This spring I completed the Master’s of Fine Arts program in the Photography department at the Academy of Art University. My thesis was entitled, “Uh-kyoo-myuh-ley-shuhn”: When thinking about time, it is common to think of a line extending from the … Continue reading

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Meet Buzz

©2011, Jenifer Day Clark Meet Buzz – this lovable red furry handsome boy is pretty fun to photograph. Especially when he’s playing fetch – and he fetches like a pro. I’m happy to call him one of mine.

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Quote of the week…

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